Monday, 23 March 2015

What have I learnt? (EVALUATION PART EIGHT)

I think I have learnt many lessons throughout this task that will help me with what I want to do in the future. I believe that this task involved research and planning, production and exhibition that was all beneficial to me.

Research and Planning was very beneficial as it gave me guidance into what type of title sequence I wanted to make and how the title sequence would be structured. I looked at several title sequence just to make sure that what I would be creating would fit all the typical codes and conventions they share. I would then use these in my planning for creating the title sequence. This also helped my overall knowledge and understanding about the importance of a title sequence in a movie. Overall I believe research and planning was very successful and I couldn't find any particular fall back that I had made personally when trying to research and plan the production of the title sequence. In hindsight I would of probably researched further into cinematography used but I believe that my title sequence was up to standard and I would of made a stronger planning log.

Production was a mixture of ups and downs. We were faced with many tasks in production making the title sequence difficult in parts to make. We had to find many props for the title sequence which meant having to go to shops and find exactly what we wanted and to see if it fit. Some props such as the globe was very difficult to find as we wanted one a particular size and shape. We had some issue with angles and movement on some shots which made it very difficult for us but once re-shot it was ok. I've now learnt that I need to get fully prepared and know if i will be able to do or get something before I have already scripted it in.

Exhibition was taken with mixed remarks. Many people found the narrative good although slightly confusing in parts. They disliked some of the idea's so we amended it around them. I have learnt from exhibition that everything we do is for the audience and the audience is most important because if the audience dislikes it will be very bad. Now I know to make adjustments and to understand exactly what everyone says.

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