Friday, 13 March 2015

Brief of Title Sequence (EVALUATION PART ONE)

The brief that was set for this media studies project was to create a title sequence that was from 1.30 minutes long to 2 minutes long. The title sequence could be of any genre that we wished and could be about anything we wanted. We would have to film the title sequence and edit it to the highest standard that we want.

To begin the filming project we had to research title sequence's by famous title sequence designers such as Saul Bass. We wanted to do this so we could decide on a style for our title sequence. This would influence what we create. We then looked into title sequences of the genre which we had decided on. My particular genre being feel good drama. This meant I looked at the films of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Forrest Gump and Eat Pray Love. A feel good drama is where the storyline involves dark points but the ending is good making the audience happy.

After much research we decided on the title "The Journey of Self-Discovery". We chose this title for several reasons. The main character, Louise Brown takes a journey to India. Whilst on her journey she discovers that an Office Job, which she just quit, was not for her and actually helping others is what she truly wants to do with her life. Thus meaning she discovers herself.

The title sequence opens with Louise Brown being in an Office doing work. We see by her performance that she is unhappy. Whilst doing work a pop-up appears on her computer telling her about a life-time holiday to India. We then see a globe spinning followed by a shot of India on the globe, suggesting that she wanted to go here. There is then several shots of her at work researching India. We then see her booking tickets to India. She packs a bag and leaves her house with the sound of an airplane suggesting that she is going to India.

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