Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Speech for Final Pitch

Slide 1: The genre for our film is a feel good drama. We chose this genre because it is not a typical genre to be a major cinematic film and it shows variety. Although this genre is one which has won many awards for films such as The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Forrest Gump.

Slide 2: Equilibrium

a women (Louise Brown) is stuck in a dead end office job which she hates, which involves endless amount of work, unpaid overtime and sexist comments from the staff/boss in a patriarchal society. one guy who is the main perpetrator of these comments is Mike Healy She dreams that one day she could travel the world and experience new cultures and sharing her own experiences, as well as finding herself in the world she lives in, not just the office she works in.
After having a massive breakdown at work, Louise is fired from her job and kicked out of her flat shared with her friend, as she count afford to pay her rent, Louise had no where to go and decided to travel the world to get away from her depressing life in London.
Realising she has nothing left in London, Louise uses her life saving to travel round the world to try and 'find herself' and a new purpose for her in life.
Attempt to repair equilibrium
She ends up in India where she managed to find a place to stay with a local Indian family. There, she bond a young Indian girl who dreams of becoming a teacher. The woman then has a epiphany and realises how lucky she was in London and decides to help the girl fulfil her dream buy helping girls get an education, even though the odds/government is against her. This is her new goal.
New Equilibrium
Louise managed to break though and now all Indian girls  in that village can get an education for free so all girls can fulfil their dreams of life. Louise now stays in India and lives a happy life as the founder of an organisation, which helps girls in India get an education. Louise meets a missionary there which she has a relationship with together.

Slide 3: These are the films which inspired us to create this film. READ ABOVE. After watching the title sequence and watching these films we really loved the idea of creating a feel good drama.

Slide 4: This is the main target audience for our film. This is because we believe that this target audience can relate to the main character of Louise. This age rating is more appropriate to these type of films because the experiences that the people in the film have are usually experienced by women of the aged 25-45. Women would most definitely be our main target audience because women watch this genre of film more than men because of the storyline’s associated with it. Men would be our secondary audience because they would watch them with their partners and this type of film is one which is usually a tearjerker so the man could comfort the women.

Slide 5: The film rating we have decided for our film is a 12 as it contains Swearing, Sexist remark and Scene viewers may find upsetting. The scene’s that viewers may find upsetting are usually those in which Louise visits the slums and finds the conditions they are in distressing.

Slide 6: The dates are so because the film will create hype in the UK in September which will spread around the world. This would be ready for the release date in November. This is also a good date to be released in the USA because this is around the Oscar Season. It would be released in December because this is just before the Christmas holidays.

Slide 7: The cost to produce our film is £4 million. The money will  be towards Traveling/ staying in India, Actors, Directors and the rest of the cast and crew.

Slide 8: We believe that we could achieve a gross of £9 million because we have researched into other British films and found that most of them had low profit margins. Once we researched this we then calculated how success we expect our film to be and we produced the amount of £15 million. We think this is a generous amount for the film we are creating as usually this genre is not very successful in cinemas.

Slide 9: We have chosen this studio to produce and distribute our film as it has producedmultiple films in our genre which most of these films has either won or was nominated for multiple awards including the academy awards and the golden globes. Also, working title mainly produced British films, which are film is so the company would probably bring more attention to the film as it has done British films before. Our film is vertically integrated.

Most successful- Bridget jones diary: production costs: $26 million grossed $149 million
Least successful- the boat that rocked: production cost $50 million grossed $3 million (terrible reviews, delay to theatres in America yet on DVD everywhere else).

Slide 10: Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis is an English screenwriter, producer and film director, who was born in New Zealand to Australian parents. One of Britain's most successful comedy screenwriters, he is known primarily for romantic comedy films such as Four Weddings and a FuneralBridget Jones's DiaryNotting Hill, and Love Actually, as well as the hit sitcoms BlackadderMr. Bean and The Vicar of Dibley. choose him as he has done multiple rom-coms, similar to our genre. E.g Brigit Jones Diary.

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