Monday, 26 January 2015

STINCS for Title Sequence

Setting- London Office Building and Rural India

Theme- Friendship, Human Rights, Politics, Self Discovery

Iconography- London- Skyscrapers, Taxi's, Modern, Grey and dull office wear
                        India-Shack houses, Cultural clothing, Rickshaw's, Not modern

Narrative- Refer to narrative post

Characters- Louise Brown- Main character (woman)
Anita Devar - Indian girl
Matthew King- Louise's love interest
Mike Healy- Louise's manager

Style- Uplifting
Credits planted around the scene
Slow pace

By doing STINCS, this has helped my planning so I can makes sure that I have highlighted all these key points and have included them in my film. I know can make my title sequence better as I know what STINCS I need to add to make it better.

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  1. Add an explanation as to how this has helped your planning